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Optimize Your Business and Get More Customers. Identify, understand, and improve the metrics that drive your online business.

KISSmetrics's Features
  • The basic unit in KISSmetrics is a person. When you view your KISSmetrics reports they show you people, not just aggregate data.
  • Track your person-centric data
  • Our JavaScript allows you to track data right from your website so you can measure your campaigns, discover your referrers and understand marketing attribution.
  • Libraries- PHP, Ruby, Python, AS3, Cocoa, iOS, Android and more.
  • Database- Track data directly from your database and turn it into person-centric data. Pass historical data into KISSmetrics in minutes and start analyzing it within hours.
  • Software Integrations- Your CRM, email service providers, help desk software and billing systems all have APIs. We’re able to let you easily track data directly from the other software services you use.
  • Never lose data- Tell KISSmetrics one time that your new customer, Joe Smith, is a designer, used a 20% off coupon, was referred by a friend, and works in a startup and we’ll remember it forever.
  • Compare customer behaviors- KISSmetrics lets you slice and dice your data to understand usage patterns, assess marketing campaign effectiveness, and segment your customers.
  • See actions in real time- You can use KISSmetrics Live to see events being tracked on your site in real-time
  • it’s a great way to immediately validate that you’ve set up your tracking correctly.
  • Create reports on the fly- You don’t have to pre-define your reports. Just track the significant events that happen on your site, and we’ll collect the data. Later, you can create reports on anything you’re already tracking and see the results for as long as you’ve been tracking it.

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