KISSmetrics vs. Heap

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What is KISSmetrics?

Optimize Your Business and Get More Customers. Identify, understand, and improve the metrics that drive your online business.

What is Heap?

Heap automatically captures every user action in your app and lets you measure it all. Clicks, taps, swipes, form submissions, page views, and more. Track events and segment users instantly. No pushing code. No waiting for data to trickle in.

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Why do developers choose KISSmetrics?
Why do you like KISSmetrics?

Why do developers choose Heap?
Why do you like Heap?


What are the cons of using KISSmetrics?
No Cons submitted yet for KISSmetrics
Downsides of KISSmetrics?

What are the cons of using Heap?
No Cons submitted yet for Heap
Downsides of Heap?


How much does KISSmetrics cost?
KISSmetrics Pricing
How much does Heap cost?
Heap Pricing


What companies use KISSmetrics?
380 companies on StackShare use KISSmetrics
What companies use Heap?
136 companies on StackShare use Heap


What tools integrate with KISSmetrics?
23 tools on StackShare integrate with KISSmetrics
What tools integrate with Heap?
6 tools on StackShare integrate with Heap

What are some alternatives to KISSmetrics and Heap?

  • Mixpanel - Actions speak louder than page views.
  • Statbot - One-click business & growth analytics for Intercom
  • USERcycle - Visual behavior and retention analytics, based on Keen IO
  • Popcorn Metrics - Visual setup for in-page user event tracking without coding

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