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Black Duck vs Checkmarx: What are the differences?

Black Duck and Checkmarx are security solutions focused on different aspects of the software development lifecycle. Let's explore the key differences between them:

  1. Analysis Scope: Black Duck primarily focuses on open-source software analysis, providing insights into potential open-source security vulnerabilities and license compliance issues. On the other hand, Checkmarx is a comprehensive application security testing platform that addresses a wide range of vulnerabilities in both proprietary and open-source code, including static and dynamic analysis, software composition analysis, and manual penetration testing.

  2. Code Scanning Approach: Black Duck utilizes software composition analysis (SCA) to scan and analyze the composition of open-source code used in an application, checking for known vulnerabilities and licensing issues. In contrast, Checkmarx performs static analysis by scanning the source code for potential vulnerabilities and coding best practices violations, helping identify and fix security flaws from the early stages of the development lifecycle.

  3. Integration with Development Tools: Black Duck provides integrations with popular development tools and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) systems, allowing developers to incorporate security and license compliance checks seamlessly into their existing workflows. Checkmarx offers similar integrations, but also provides direct IDE plugins that enable developers to perform security scans and fix potential issues within their coding environment.

  4. Automation and Continuous Monitoring: Black Duck focuses on continuous monitoring of open-source components, providing notifications and updates about newly discovered vulnerabilities or licensing issues in the software supply chain. Checkmarx goes beyond this and offers automation capabilities for security testing throughout the development pipeline, allowing for automated scans, policy enforcement, and tracking of vulnerabilities from development to deployment.

  5. Reporting and Remediation: Black Duck offers detailed reports on open-source vulnerability and license compliance, providing recommendations for remediation actions. Checkmarx provides comprehensive vulnerability reports with detailed explanations and remediation advice for each identified security flaw, enabling developers to prioritize and address the most critical issues efficiently.

  6. Training and Support: Black Duck provides training resources and support to help developers understand and address open-source security and licensing challenges. Checkmarx offers training programs and dedicated support to assist developers in implementing secure coding practices and effectively utilizing the platform's features for comprehensive application security.

In summary, Black Duck primarily focuses on open-source software analysis and license compliance, while Checkmarx provides a comprehensive application security testing platform with a wider range of vulnerability analysis capabilities, automation features, and integration options.

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What is Black Duck?

It is a solution that helps development teams manage risks that come with the use of open source. It gives you complete visibility into open source management, combining sophisticated, multi-factor open source detection capabilities with the Black Duck KnowledgeBase.

What is Checkmarx?

It is a provider of state-of-the-art application security solution: static code analysis software, seamlessly integrated into development process.

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