Bugzilla vs. GitKraken Glo

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What is Bugzilla?

Bugzilla is a "Defect Tracking System" or "Bug-Tracking System". Defect Tracking Systems allow individual or groups of developers to keep track of outstanding bugs in their product effectively. Most commercial defect-tracking software vendors charge enormous licensing fees. Despite being "free", Bugzilla has many features its expensive counterparts lack.

What is GitKraken Glo?

A more productive way for developers to track tasks and issues from inside GitKraken, VS Code, Atom or a browser! Glo Boards sync in real-time with GitHub Issues, support markdown and offer lots of time-saving features for devs.
Why do developers choose Bugzilla?
Why do you like Bugzilla?

Why do developers choose GitKraken Glo?
Why do you like GitKraken Glo?

What are the cons of using Bugzilla?
No Cons submitted yet for Bugzilla
Downsides of Bugzilla?

What are the cons of using GitKraken Glo?
No Cons submitted yet for GitKraken Glo
Downsides of GitKraken Glo?

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What companies use Bugzilla?
10 companies on StackShare use Bugzilla
What companies use GitKraken Glo?
2 companies on StackShare use GitKraken Glo
What tools integrate with Bugzilla?
5 tools on StackShare integrate with Bugzilla
What tools integrate with GitKraken Glo?
2 tools on StackShare integrate with GitKraken Glo

What are some alternatives to Bugzilla and GitKraken Glo?

  • Jira - Jira Software is the #1 software development tool used by agile teams to plan, track, and release great software.
  • Redmine - A flexible project management web application written using Ruby on Rails framework
  • FogBugz - The world's easiest bug tracking system.
  • GitLab - Open source self-hosted Git management software

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