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CodePen vs Eclipse Che: What are the differences?

Developers describe CodePen as "An online community for testing and showcasing user-created HTML, CSS and JavaScript code snippets". It is a social development environment for front-end designers and developers.. It functions as an online code editor and open-source learning environment, where developers can create code snippets, creatively named "pens", and test them. On the other hand, Eclipse Che is detailed as "Next-Generation Eclipse IDE. Eclipse Che is an open source developer workspace server and cloud IDE". Eclipse Che is the only open source cloud IDE with RESTful workspaces and Docker-based machines. It's as powerful as it sounds.

CodePen and Eclipse Che belong to "Cloud IDE" category of the tech stack.

Eclipse Che is an open source tool with 5.64K GitHub stars and 1.05K GitHub forks. Here's a link to Eclipse Che's open source repository on GitHub.

Advice on CodePen and Eclipse Che

I am going to learn machine learning and self host an online IDE, the tool that i may use is Python, Anaconda, various python library and etc. which tools should i go for? this may include Java development, web development. Now i have 1 more candidate which are visual studio code online (code server). i will host on google cloud

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The main contenders here are VS code and Eclipse, because Koding is meant to be used by large companies and by devs who know what they are doing. Both VS code and Eclipse have pros and cons, but for someone who wants to learn, VS Code is a much better choice as it has a very simple UI and plugins are easier to find and download.

Eclipse isn't meant for learning purposes and was designed with the intent to be used by professionals. Also it is an amazing IDE for java, but isn't so good in other languages, while VS code is much more efficient in a vast number of languages.

The only likely issue you might be facing with vs code is that, at times, it can be a resource hog, and in extreme cases it is possible to crash. But it is very rare and I recommend you have at least 8GB ram and at least a dual 1.6 GHz CPU.

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