Discord vs. Microsoft Teams vs. Notable

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What is Discord?

Discord is a modern free voice & text chat app for groups of gamers. Our resilient Erlang backend running on the cloud has built in DDoS protection with automatic server failover.

What is Microsoft Teams?

See content and chat history anytime, including team chats with Skype that are visible to the whole team. Private group chats are available for smaller group conversations.

What is Notable?

Notable lets you take any interface screenshot, sketch or wireframe and exchange notes on specific details with your team. You can quickly reply or suggest a better idea. Our goal is to help you arrive at the best solution in the shortest amount of time.
Why do developers choose Discord?
Why do you like Discord?

Why do developers choose Microsoft Teams?
Why do you like Microsoft Teams?

Why do developers choose Notable?
Why do you like Notable?

What are the cons of using Discord?
Downsides of Discord?

What are the cons of using Microsoft Teams?
Downsides of Microsoft Teams?

What are the cons of using Notable?
No Cons submitted yet for Notable
Downsides of Notable?

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How much does Discord cost?
How much does Microsoft Teams cost?
How much does Notable cost?
Notable Pricing
What companies use Discord?
59 companies on StackShare use Discord
What companies use Microsoft Teams?
59 companies on StackShare use Microsoft Teams
What companies use Notable?
2 companies on StackShare use Notable
What tools integrate with Discord?
2 tools on StackShare integrate with Discord
What tools integrate with Microsoft Teams?
8 tools on StackShare integrate with Microsoft Teams
What tools integrate with Notable?
1 tools on StackShare integrate with Notable

What are some alternatives to Discord, Microsoft Teams, and Notable?

  • Skype - Voice calls, instant messaging, file transfer, and video conferencing
  • Zoom - Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing
  • Webex - Connect with anyone, anywhere, any time.
  • Redbooth - Collaborate with your team via HD video conferencing, enterprise chat and project management tools

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