Google Cloud Memorystore vs Heroku Redis vs RedisGreen

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Google Cloud Memorystore

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Heroku Redis

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Pros of Google Cloud Memorystore
Pros of Heroku Redis
Pros of RedisGreen
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      More reliable than the other Redis add-ons
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      Heroku Add-on

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    Cons of Google Cloud Memorystore
    Cons of Heroku Redis
    Cons of RedisGreen
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        More expensive than the other options
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        What is Google Cloud Memorystore?

        Cloud Memorystore for Redis provides a fully managed in-memory data store service built on scalable, more secure, and highly available infrastructure managed by Google. Use Cloud Memorystore to build application caches that provides sub-millisecond data access. Cloud Memorystore is compatible with the Redis protocol, allowing easy migration with zero code changes.

        What is Heroku Redis?

        Heroku Redis is an in-memory key-value data store, run by Heroku, that is provisioned and managed as an add-on. Heroku Redis is accessible from any language with a Redis driver, including all languages and frameworks supported by Heroku.

        What is RedisGreen?

        Redis drives the best sites on the web, from Twitter to Pinterest. RedisGreen makes it easy for anyone to use. Customers can spin up databases at the click of a button. RedisGreen's future is in very fast tools to make the most difficult aspects of modern web application development faster, cheaper, and less labor-intensive.<br>

        Need advice about which tool to choose?Ask the StackShare community!

        What companies use Google Cloud Memorystore?
        What companies use Heroku Redis?
        What companies use RedisGreen?

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        What tools integrate with Google Cloud Memorystore?
        What tools integrate with Heroku Redis?
        What tools integrate with RedisGreen?
        What are some alternatives to Google Cloud Memorystore, Heroku Redis, and RedisGreen?
        Redis Cloud
        Redis Cloud is a fully-managed service for running your Redis dataset. It overcomes Redis’ scalability limitation by supporting all Redis commands at any dataset size. Your dataset is constantly replicated, so if a node fails, an auto-switchover mechanism guarantees data is served without interruption.
        Redis To Go
        Redis To Go was created to make the managing Redis instances easier, whether it is just one instance or serveral. Deploying a new instance of Redis is dead simple, whether for production or development.
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        How much does Google Cloud Memorystore cost?
        How much does Heroku Redis cost?
        How much does RedisGreen cost?
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