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What is Gunicorn?

Gunicorn is a pre-fork worker model ported from Ruby's Unicorn project. The Gunicorn server is broadly compatible with various web frameworks, simply implemented, light on server resources, and fairly speedy.

What is nginx?

nginx [engine x] is an HTTP and reverse proxy server, as well as a mail proxy server, written by Igor Sysoev. According to Netcraft nginx served or proxied 30.46% of the top million busiest sites in Jan 2018.

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Why do developers choose Gunicorn?
Why do developers choose nginx?
What are the cons of using Gunicorn?
What are the cons of using nginx?
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What companies use Gunicorn?
What companies use nginx?
What are some alternatives to Gunicorn and nginx?
HAProxy (High Availability Proxy) is a free, very fast and reliable solution offering high availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based applications.
lighttpd has a very low memory footprint compared to other webservers and takes care of cpu-load. Its advanced feature-set (FastCGI, CGI, Auth, Output-Compression, URL-Rewriting and many more) make lighttpd the perfect webserver-software for every server that suffers load problems.
Træfɪk is a modern HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer made to deploy microservices with ease. It supports several backends (Docker, Swarm, Mesos/Marathon, Kubernetes, Consul, Etcd, Zookeeper, BoltDB, Rest API, file...) to manage its configuration automatically and dynamically.
Caddy is a production-ready open-source web server that is fast, easy to use, and makes you more productive. HTTP/2 and HTTPS by default
Originally built at Lyft, Envoy is a high performance C++ distributed proxy designed for single services and applications, as well as a communication bus and “universal data plane” designed for large microservice “service mesh” architectures.
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What tools integrate with Gunicorn?
What tools integrate with nginx?
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How developers use Gunicorn and nginx
Avatar of MaxCDN
MaxCDN uses nginxnginx

The original API performed a synchronous Nginx reload after provisioning a zone, which often took up to 30 seconds or longer. While important, this step shouldn’t block the response to the user (or API) that a new zone has been created, or block subsequent requests to adjust the zone. With the new API, an independent worker reloads Nginx configurations based on zone modifications.It’s like ordering a product online: don’t pause the purchase process until the product’s been shipped. Say the order has been created, and you can still cancel or modify shipping information. Meanwhile, the remaining steps are being handled behind the scenes. In our case, the zone provision happens instantly, and you can see the result in your control panel or API. Behind the scenes, the zone will be serving traffic within a minute.

Avatar of Cloudcraft
Cloudcraft uses nginxnginx

Nginx serves as the loadbalancer, router and SSL terminator of As one of our app server nodes is spun up, an Ansible orchestration script adds the new node dynamically to the nginx loadbalancer config which is then reloaded for a zero downtime seamless rolling deployment. By putting nginx in front or whatever web and API servers you might have, you gain a ton of flexibility. While previously I've cobbled together HAProxy and Stun as a poor man's loadbalancer, nginx just does a much better job and is far simpler in the long run.

Avatar of datapile
datapile uses nginxnginx

Used nginx as exactly what it is great for: serving static content in a cache-friendly, load balanced manner.

It is exclusively for production web page hosting, we don't use nginx internally, only on the public-facing versions of static sites / Angular & Backbone/Marionette applications.

Avatar of Pēteris Caune
Pēteris Caune uses nginxnginx

We use NGINX both as reverse HTTP proxy and also as a SMTP proxy, to handle incoming email.

We previously handled incoming email with Mandrill, and then later with AWS SES. Handling incoming email yourself is not that much more difficult and saves quite a bit on operational costs.

Avatar of Wirkn Inc.
Wirkn Inc. uses nginxnginx

NGINX sits in front of all of our web servers. It is fantastic at load balancing traffic as well as serving as a cache at times when under massive load. It's a robust tool that we're happy to have at the front lines of all Wirkn web apps.

Avatar of Banyan
Banyan uses GunicornGunicorn

Gunicorn is WSGI container that we used to run our Tornado code as it supports Asynchronous operations on tornado.

Avatar of MiW CryptAnalytics
MiW CryptAnalytics uses GunicornGunicorn

Gunicorn runs as the HTTP application server. Serves the django application in WSGI mode.

Avatar of TOMIS
TOMIS uses GunicornGunicorn

uWSGI server that is easy to configure with Nginx and Django

Avatar of Val Neekman
Val Neekman uses GunicornGunicorn

Gunicorn is used as the backend webserver

Avatar of Alec Cunningham
Alec Cunningham uses GunicornGunicorn

Runs my Django based API through nginx.

How much does Gunicorn cost?
How much does nginx cost?
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