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What is Status.io?

Our simple, yet feature packed, status pages provide the ultimate truth-of-source for your system's current status. Skip building a homegrown solution and keep focused on your passion. Our platform will save you tons of time.

Status.io is a tool in the Status Page Hosting category of a tech stack.

Who Uses Status.io?

7 companies use Status.io including Koding, Docker, and Virtkick.

Status.io integrates with

Slack, New Relic, MailChimp, Mandrill, and Twilio are some of the popular tools that integrate with Status.io. Here's a list of all 9 tools that integrate with Status.io.

Why people like Status.io

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use Status.io.

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Status.io's Features

  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Incident and Outage Tracking
  • Scheduled Maintenances
  • Customizable Design
  • External Service Monitoring
  • Geo Location Maps
  • Status API
  • Developer API
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Custom Domain
  • Multitenancy Support
  • External Integrations

Status.io's alternatives

  • StatusPage.io - Build trust with every incident: Real-time status and incident communication.
  • Cachet - A beautiful and simple open source status page system
  • Hund - Automated Status Pages with Monitoring
  • Checkup - Distributed, lock-free, self-hosted health checks and status pages
  • Statusfy - A simple open source status page system

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