Scalable time-series database optimized for fast ingest and complex queries. Purpose-built as a PostgreSQL extension.
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TimescaleDB is the only open-source time-series database that natively supports full-SQL at scale, combining the power, reliability, and ease-of-use of a relational database with the scalability typically seen in NoSQL databases.

TimescaleDB's Features
  • Packaged as a PostgreSQL extension
  • Full ANSI SQL
  • JOINs (e.g., across PostgreSQL tables)
  • Complex queries
  • Secondary indexes
  • Composite indexes
  • Support for very high cardinality data
  • Triggers
  • Constraints
  • Ability to ingest out of order data
  • Ability to perform accurate rollups
  • Data retention policies
  • Fast deletes
  • Integration with PostGIS and the rest of the PostgreSQL ecosystem

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