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Decision at mkdev about G Suite, GitLab, Rollbar, Stripe, Mailchimp, Intercom, Basecamp, Slack, Trello

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Cloud and DevOps Consultant at mkdev ·

As a small startup we are very conscious about picking up the tools we use to run the project. After suffering with a mess of using at the same time Trello , Slack , Telegram and what not, we arrived at a small set of tools that cover all our current needs. For product management, file sharing, team communication etc we chose Basecamp and couldn't be more happy about it. For Customer Support and Sales Intercom works amazingly well. We are using MailChimp for email marketing since over 4 years and it still covers all our needs. Then on payment side combination of Stripe and Octobat helps us to process all the payments and generate compliant invoices. On techie side we use Rollbar and GitLab (for both code and CI). For corporate email we picked G Suite. That all costs us in total around 300$ a month, which is quite okay.

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Decision at Loanlink Gmbh about HTML5, Vue.js, Google Drive, Mailchimp, Zapier, Trello, GitHub, React, Node.js, .NET, AngularJS, Rails

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When starting a new company and building a new product w/ limited engineering we chose to optimize for expertise and rapid development, landing on Rails API, w/ AngularJS on the front.

The reality is that we're building a CRUD app, so we considered going w/ vanilla Rails MVC to optimize velocity early on (it may not be sexy, but it gets the job done). Instead, we opted to split the codebase to allow for a richer front-end experience, focus on skill specificity when hiring, and give us the flexibility to be consumed by multiple clients in the future.

We also considered .NET core or Node.js for the API layer, and React on the front-end, but our experiences dealing with mature Node APIs and the rapid-fire changes that comes with state management in React-land put us off, given our level of experience with those tools.

We're using GitHub and Trello to track issues and projects, and a plethora of other tools to help the operational team, like Zapier, MailChimp, Google Drive with some basic Vue.js & HTML5 apps for smaller internal-facing web projects.

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Decision at ChecklyHQ about Drift, Mailchimp, GitHub, Hotjar

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Founder, Engineer & Dishwasher at Checkly ·

Hotjar GitHub MailChimp Drift

When I started Checkly, I had no clear strategy on collection, managing and acting on customer feedback.

Over the last year, going from private beta to the first couple dozen customers I found my way in the jungle of customer feedback tooling and found something that worked for me and my company.

The linked post is a bit less technical than normally. The post goes into:

  • Using Hotjar and how it sorta worked for me.
  • Using Drift and why I was totally wrong about chat widget.
  • Using GitHub as a public roadmap.
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Decision at Automation Consultants about Mailchimp

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Head of Product Development at Automation Consultants ·

MailChimp is currently the tool that we use to market our products via our marketing team. It enables quick, automated marketing campaigns which help communicate new features and changes to our software.

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Decision at Giftstarter about Mailchimp

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Senior Engineer & Team Lead at Think For Yourself ·

We use MailChimp for collecting signups on landing pages, our main app, for drip campaigns, and to send updates to users. MailChimp

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Decision at Promethean TV about Mailchimp

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CTO at Promethean TV ·

MailChimp is used by our business development team for email marketing and customer communications. MailChimp

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Decision at Absolum about Mailchimp

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Owner at Absolum ·

We use MailChimp for our email campaigns, it's easy to use, cheap, a wide variety of templates, and their analytics are really good.

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Decision at dotmos about Mailchimp

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Chief Technology Officer at TOMIS ·

Send out our monthly and holiday update emails and to communicate with our beta testers. MailChimp

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Decision at HyVive about Mailchimp

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Founder at HyVive ·

MailChimp is used to provision our newsletters to our customers. To outsource the Email traffic its a good choice for the quality and services they provide. MailChimp

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Decision about Mailchimp

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Chief Executive Philosopher at ·

At there are two kinds of mailing that I send.

  1. Important system emails.
  2. News and updates.

I send the important emails using Mailgun, and news and updates using MailChimp.

For managing your mailing list, and sending occasional newsletters, MailChimp is the best. MailChimp

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