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I chose Sqreen because it provides an out-of-the-box Security as a Service solution to protect my customer data. I get full visibility over my application security in real-time and I reduce my risk against the most common threats. My customers are happy and I don't need to spend any engineering resources or time on this. We're only alerted when our attention is required and the data that is provided helps engineering teams easily remediate vulnerabilities. The platform grows with us and will allow us to have all the right tools in place when our first security engineer joins the company. Advanced security protections against business logic threats can then be implemented.

Installation was super easy on my Node.js and Ruby apps. But Sqreen also supports Python , Java , PHP and soon Go .

It integrates well with the tools I'm using every day Slack , PagerDuty and more.

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Decision at Clever about PagerDuty

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Luckily we don't end up actually using this much, but we couldn't live without it. PagerDuty

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whistles If there's something weird, in your infrastructure, who you gonna call?

DevOps-Buste.. You get the idea. PagerDuty is great for quickly notifying us when things go pearshaped. PagerDuty

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Decision about PagerDuty

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alerts me to any issues and blends well with other tools for uptime monitoring PagerDuty

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