Key Skills, Experiences and Knowledge

  • I think the most used CMS by me. Those themessssss :))

  • I always remember the joke about (Internet, Electricity and Water). And yes, it is the Water in Web Development.

  • Made me stop working on backend and start focusing even more on Front End.

  • Just amazing, superfast and those shortcuts and custom snippets, so cool. Give me more :)

  • When you realise that countless lines of CSS codes could be made countable. And off course, a wonderful and cool way to use the logic behind variables and nesting. Simply love it.

  • Just in case Dropbox stops its cloud storage services.

  • So much relief as you can track each and every issues, bugs, dev project and maintenance and a time machine when it comes to do that less interesting timesheet or daily status. Its a rescuer.

  • That one free web hosting :) and how cool to display and manage your own portfolio through git and offcourse that multiple test project pages, so awesome.

  • With the advancement in CSS, Bootstrap is creating new milestones when it comes to minimising our CSS codes. So elegant and beautiful yet easy and convenient to use once you go through all the classes and its elements. In addition, its JS function is impressive too.

  • Like Bootstrap, It offers the same CSS framework service (Which I prefer to say cheatsheet ;)) but less complex and cleaner look and to the point.

  • My current work has taught me so much of SVN. Though it is classic and has own pros and cons, I like it too specially the way it handles and tracks the edits with revision numbers and merge techniques.

  • Changed the way how we to the email marketing and with its tools and it has become so much easier to QA and test eDMS across different email clients.

  • QA and Testing have been so much easier with the help of its simulators on Apple Devices like; iPhones and iPads.

  • I've been using this since I started my designing and development life, it has never failed me when i most needed it to edit images, export high resolution images for retina display, slicing for eDMs and so on.

  • Getting powerful everyday, it has carved its path and gave the dynamic approaches to web building.

  • Easy for version controlling, Faster and efficient when working through commandline. Offers 'aliases' which makes it even better to work in commandline.

  • Even though, It's full stakers' stuff. It has helped front end way too much with its power full build features and functionality

  • Better to have incase Google Drive Stops its services for cloud storage.

  • Platform to all your questions from all the geniuses all over the world. Makes learning even better and easier.

  • An easy tool to track the progress of your website with just a couple of code embedded in your site. Tops any other tools when it comes to give the Insights of your site and helps in building ads, customers and traffic.

  • Easy for version controlling, Faster and efficient when working through commandline. Offers 'aliases' which makes it even better to work in commandline.