Machine Learning as a Service and Big Data Analytics
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Add a one-liner builds machine intelligence products that make it easy for companies to derive actionable insight from their greatest corporate resource: their data.'s Features
  • Use for: Fraud detection, Intelligent sensors, Ad Targeting & Personalization, Genomics, Business Analytics, Finance, Healthcare, Sentiment Analysis
  • Dead simple machine learning.- Our intuitive, easy-to-use platform for machine learning enables anyone to build and deploy models with a few simple clicks.
  • A data science marketplace.- With the feature marketplace, we provide companies access to an expansive knowledge base.
  • State-of the art technology.- Our IP is 10-100x faster and more memory efficient than any other implementation we can find.
  • From experiment to production.- By breaking the barrier between sandbox learning and large-scale production environments, we decrease the lead time from inception to deployment.
  • Automated reports.- Every time you build a model, we generate an easy-to-read report detailing the insights gleaned from your data and the performance of your newly minted model.
  • Public or private cloud.- Our hosted platform makes it easy for businesses to deploy machine intelligence without having to build the infrastructure. For companies with security or latency concerns, we gladly offer an on-premise solution.

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