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Minimalistic status reporting integrated into your workflow
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What is WorkingOn?

Simple status reporting for your team. We integrate with various tools, like GitHub, Asana, Slack, HipChat, the command line, and email, so everyone can quickly understand what others are working on while remaining in flow.
WorkingOn is a tool in the Team Task Management category of a tech stack.

Who uses WorkingOn?

WorkingOn Integrations

GitHub, Slack, Trello, Asana, and HipChat are some of the popular tools that integrate with WorkingOn. Here's a list of all 10 tools that integrate with WorkingOn.
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Public Decisions about WorkingOn

Here are some stack decisions, common use cases and reviews by companies and developers who chose WorkingOn in their tech stack.

We use WorkingOn to supplement our daily stand-ups. Everyone uses it in a different way: Slack, Alfred, CLI, which makes it really flexible. WorkingOn

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WorkingOn's Features

  • Avoid interruptions and stay in your workflow: Use the natural pause when switching tasks to share what you’re working on from the tools you already love.
  • Motivation, productivity, and happiness: Team transparency is crucial to employee happiness and the best companies know it. Use our chat integrations to get real-time status updates from your team.
  • Save time and skip the status meetings: Every morning we send an email with what was done the previous day. Whether you’re working at the same table or across timezones, everyone will be on the same page.

WorkingOn Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to WorkingOn?
Every evening, iDoneThis sends you an email that asks you what you got done that day. The next morning, we send a digest of what everyone on your team got done the previous day to you and your team members.
A tool that simplifies the way teams work together - Manage workload, track projects, move work forward, communicate with people - Adopt a management tool that people actually love to use, one that's fast, and easy to use.
It is a group-oriented messaging platform with an integrated suite of collaboration tools that is tailor-made for workplaces in Asia
Keep your team up to date — without another meeting.
Standup automatically processes data from your source control and project managment software to deliver daily engineering progress reports.
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