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Collaborative, lightweight agile project management tool, brought to you by the experts in agile software development.

Pivotal Tracker's Features
  • Tracker Story- simple story editing and drag-and-drop prioritization
  • Velocity and Emergent Iterations- Tracker calculates future iterations automatically, based on historical performance.
  • Release and Scope Management- Completion dates are calculated automatically, based on velocity - your live measure of historical performance. See impact on scope as new stories are added immediately, and move stories around easily via drag and drop as priorities change.
  • Simple, Effective Workflow- Jump right into your project with a simple workflow that emphasizes rapid delivery and lots of feedback.
  • Feedback Loop- A Tracker story is only considered done when accepted by the project's customer. This creates a constant feedback loop, starting in the very first iteration
  • Focus on MVP- Focus on delivering stories and shipping working software often are tightly woven into the fabric of Tracker.
  • Visualize Progress- Keep an eye on your project with Tracker's built-in charts, including release burn-down, iteration burn-up, story type breakdown, and historical velocity.
  • Real-time Collaboration- virtual team room, story comments, attach mockups, organize stories by labels
  • iOS App- Your backlog, icebox, and other panels are all exactly where you'd expect from using the Pivotal Tracker website.

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