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Rainforest QA
Rainforest QA

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Sauce Labs
Sauce Labs

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What is BrowserStack?

Live, Web-Based Browser Testing Instant access to all real mobile and desktop browsers. Say goodbye to your lab of devices and virtual machines.

What is Rainforest QA?

Rainforest gives you the reliability of a QA team and the speed of automation, without the hassle of managing a team or the pain of writing automated tests.

What is Sauce Labs?

Cloud-based automated testing platform enables developers and QEs to perform functional, JavaScript unit, and manual tests with Selenium or Appium on web and mobile apps. Videos and screenshots for easy debugging. Secure and CI-ready.
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Why do developers choose BrowserStack?
Why do developers choose Rainforest QA?
Why do developers choose Sauce Labs?

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      Jobs that mention BrowserStack, Rainforest QA, and Sauce Labs as a desired skillset
      What companies use BrowserStack?
      What companies use Rainforest QA?
      What companies use Sauce Labs?

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      What tools integrate with BrowserStack?
      What tools integrate with Rainforest QA?
      What tools integrate with Sauce Labs?

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      What are some alternatives to BrowserStack, Rainforest QA, and Sauce Labs?
      We run the browsers on our servers. Fully interactive sessions, not static screenshots. No flash, no applets, nothing to install. Powered entirely by <canvas> and javascript.
      LambdaTest is a cloud-based testing platform and it provides access to a powerful network cloud of 2000+ real browsers and operating system that helps testers in cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility testing.
      Ghost Inspector
      It lets you create and manage UI tests that check specific functionality in your website or application. We execute these automated browser tests continuously from the cloud and alert you if anything breaks.
      AWS Device Farm
      Run tests across a large selection of physical devices in parallel from various manufacturers with varying hardware, OS versions and form factors.
      Appium is an open source test automation framework for use with native, hybrid, and mobile web apps. It drives iOS and Android apps using the WebDriver protocol. Appium is sponsored by Sauce Labs and a thriving community of open source developers.
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      Decisions about BrowserStack, Rainforest QA, and Sauce Labs
      Zarema Khalilova
      Zarema Khalilova
      Frontend Team Lead at Uploadcare · | 5 upvotes · 65K views
      Sauce Labs
      Sauce Labs

      I am working on #OpenSource file uploader. The uploader is the widget that other developers embed in their apps. It should work well in different browsers and on different devices. BrowserStack and Sauce Labs help to achieve that. I can test the uploader in many varieties of browsers+OS only used my browser without virtual machines.

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      Interest over time
      Reviews of BrowserStack, Rainforest QA, and Sauce Labs
      Review ofSauce LabsSauce Labs

      Sauce Labs is a fantastic testing tool that I am using for my QA internship.

      I am particularly happy with the speed of which any virtual machine loads - that saves me heaps of time and allows me to concentrate on executing more tests instead of blankly staring at the screen (and I do appreciate funny quotes displayed during the minimal wait) . I constantly have to switch between different OS and browsers and so far I had nothing but speedy and reliable experience. Moreover, getting Sauce Labs to work with local links could not have been easier!

      Sauce Labs tool is in general very simple to use for either manual or automated testing, with a lot of great resources available that are easily accessible. I additionally feel that Sauce Labs goes beyond a testing tool - it is also a community of testers and for testers, which I find really appealing. I have been using BrowserStack previously and although it was also a great testing tool, I feel that it is lacking the support Sauce Labs offers.

      All in all - I only have positive things to say about Sauce Labs, the only thing that could possibly be improved (and I'm just being picky) is the speed of which iOS cloud loads - it appears to be slightly slower than other virtual machines.

      Review ofSauce LabsSauce Labs

      SauceLabs is widely used by QAs for both types of testing manual and automation. It provides possibility of compatibility testing on different OS and browsers + mobile platforms for those who don't have big test stand with all real devices. I started to use SauceLabs only because of not having real devices to test website for compatibility and responsive design. After this useful experience I started to learn about automation with Selenium Webdriver and again SauceLabs helped me with tests execution on different platforms. It's easy to setup and to integrate in existing solutions and saved us a lot of time. I love reporting provided by SauceLabs, you can check video and screenshots after or view running test on the fly. Now I recommend SauceLabs to all QAs in my and other companies, even developers are using it to reproduce bugs and check their code on different devices. SauceLabs has very good documentation and big community where any appeared question can be quickly answered. I receive their emails about news and tips how to use it efficiently, sometimes there are useful webinars at SauceLabs. Thank you for this great everyday job!

      Review ofSauce LabsSauce Labs

      We chose to use Sauce Labs as our Selenium Grid in the cloud b/c we didn't want to support testing on Windows/IE in-house due to security concerns.

      Thus choosing a service like Sauce Labs was the only solution we had to execute our Watir-WebDriver (Selenium) acceptance tests on IE and other browser/OS combos.

      Pros: It took me a few hours to get setup and immediately start running tests. Our main test stack consists of: Cucumber/Watir-WebDriver (Selenium-WebDriver) and getting it up and running was not that hard. It was very fast to spin up a VM and run tests and view the screencasts and screenshots. Easier to use this as opposed to setting up an in-house Selenium Grid setup.

      Cons: I didn't find ANY documentation on how to setup Watir-WebDriver on Sauce Labs, I had to figure it out via Googling. The Watir tests do run a tad bit slow on SL. The UI is a bit dated, tried out the new beta UI and it looks nicer but doesn't seem to be ready for production use, the screencast view in beta mode was way too big.

      Overall I like it as it's easy to use and gets the job done. I have yet to setup w/Jenkins, that's the next stop.

      Review ofSauce LabsSauce Labs

      We worked on a 3-year engagement with a major pharmaceutical company. Our builds had to go through a complex review and deployment process with different many players making code and configuration changes across various build profiles and environments. We wanted to ensure that nothing was broken in our application code in this process, and that any breakages would be immediately identified.

      We used Sauce Labs to create a testing suite for our app, and added tests with each new release. This helped us identify several critical issues before they ever surfaced as problems on the public-facing sites. We found the Sauce Labs platform very easy to use. We were already experienced with Selenium, but had a few questions about how to run and manage our tests on Sauce. We found the documentation to be quite helpful. On the rare occasions that we had to reach out to Sauce Labs support, we received prompt, thorough replies which kept our development process moving forward at full speed.

      The Sauce Labs tools have become a vital part of our development infrastructure.

      Avatar of kartikthathagar
      Sr. QA Engineer at Sapizone
      Review ofSauce LabsSauce Labs

      Like: Lot's of OS/Browsers for tests, supports all major frameworks. Works great with Jenkins(their Sauce OnDemand plug-in is pretty awesome). Can be used in many ways and very versatile.

      Lots of business problem solved....just having a quick ability to create test environments. That's a big one and Sauce Labs solves that. A realized benefit is having the ability to have videos and screenshots saved of tests.

      Dislike: I would like to see improved would be the performance. Tests run faster locally than they do on Sauce, but if you run your tests in parallel and can have a number of VM's running at the same time then this usually doesn't create much of a problem.

      Other Feedback: You can look at other cloud options like BrowserStack, but they don't give you the same ease of use and support for the price. You can create test agents in your own network, but they you have to constantly maintain each vm or system and that eats up valuable time. It's much easier and price effective to go with Sauce plus you get great support with them when you run into issues.

      Review ofRainforest QARainforest QA

      As a PM with a fair amount of testing experience I've been using Rainforest QA to build up a functional test suite for our web app. Writing tests is straightforward and it's nice to then get real humans executing the tests so that you can get readable feedback when something isn't working. I'd certainly recommend giving it a try to see if it might fit your workflow.

      Review ofBrowserStackBrowserStack

      It's incredible how much this service has increased my productivity when it comes to testing new features in multiple browsers. And not only multiple browsers, multiple operating systems as well! And really LOVE that you can run it locally.

      Avatar of gdi2290
      Co-Founder and CTO at Tipe
      Review ofBrowserStackBrowserStack

      We only really need this for IE support

      How developers use BrowserStack, Rainforest QA, and Sauce Labs
      Avatar of ONLICAR
      ONLICAR uses BrowserStackBrowserStack

      We use BrowserStack to run end to end tests with Selenium on our dashboard. It runs automatically before every deployment and cancels it if anything is out of place.

      Avatar of Chris Riley
      Chris Riley uses Sauce LabsSauce Labs

      Browser testing grid and test automation so we don't need the servers to do it. Integrates with CI.

      Avatar of Clarabridge Engage
      Clarabridge Engage uses BrowserStackBrowserStack

      BrowserStack is used by our development and support teams during QA and to try and reproduce bugs.

      Avatar of QuickSeries Publishing inc.
      QuickSeries Publishing inc. uses BrowserStackBrowserStack

      Manually and automatically test our web and mobile apps.

      Avatar of Grubster
      Grubster uses BrowserStackBrowserStack

      QA tool to access to all desktop and mobile browsers.

      Avatar of In Situ Training
      In Situ Training uses Sauce LabsSauce Labs

      Front tests automation, in the cloud (with codeship)

      Avatar of David Adler
      David Adler uses BrowserStackBrowserStack

      Used for cross browser scripting especially IE9 :-(

      Avatar of fhumayun
      fhumayun uses Sauce LabsSauce Labs

      All Selenium scripts contain SauceLabs Grid Caps.

      Avatar of Alexpts Pts
      Alexpts Pts uses Sauce LabsSauce Labs
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      How much does Rainforest QA cost?
      How much does Sauce Labs cost?
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