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What is IFTTT?

Create powerful connections with one simple statement: if this then that. For example: "Backup my contacts to a Google Spreadsheet"

What is Rapportive?

Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox.

What is Vero?

Vero is an event-driven email marketing platform for engineering, marketing, and product teams - it gives you the visibility and clarity to help you collaborate and move faster in designing and sending emails using real-time customer data.

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Why do developers choose IFTTT?
Why do developers choose Rapportive?
Why do developers choose Vero?
What are the cons of using IFTTT?
What are the cons of using Rapportive?
What are the cons of using Vero?
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Be the first to leave a con
Be the first to leave a con
What companies use IFTTT?
What companies use Rapportive?
What companies use Vero?
What are some alternatives to IFTTT, Rapportive, and Vero?
FullContact offers developers powerful contact management APIs to you turn partial contact information into full contact data. Query by email, phone, or company domain and receive rich company data in response.
Clearbit builds business intelligence APIs. Retrieve social data from emails and look up company information from domains.
Vibe is an easy to use people research tool. You can use Vibe to find the person behind any email address. After installing the Vibe Chrome, Mac, iPhone or Outlook app, with a simple hover or click on any email address, you can find all information about the person in less than 3 seconds.
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What tools integrate with IFTTT?
What tools integrate with Rapportive?
What tools integrate with Vero?
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Decisions about IFTTT, Rapportive, and Vero
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Interest over time
Reviews of IFTTT, Rapportive, and Vero
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How developers use IFTTT, Rapportive, and Vero
Avatar of Ralic Lo
Ralic Lo uses IFTTTIFTTT

Check raining weather. Stock price tracking. Cross post articles between LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook pages for business growth or press release.

Avatar of Daniel Pupius
Daniel Pupius uses IFTTTIFTTT

I use IFTTT to pipe posts from Instagram, Google+, and Medium to my WordPress blog.

Avatar of Riderman De Sousa Barbosa
Riderman De Sousa Barbosa uses IFTTTIFTTT

Each card add to Backlog list in Trello, create a new Issue in Github

How much does IFTTT cost?
How much does Rapportive cost?
How much does Vero cost?
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