Stackdriver vs. Sysdig vs. Server Density

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What is Stackdriver?

Google Stackdriver provides powerful monitoring, logging, and diagnostics. It equips you with insight into the health, performance, and availability of cloud-powered applications, enabling you to find and fix issues faster.

What is Sysdig?

Sysdig is open source, system-level exploration: capture system state and activity from a running Linux instance, then save, filter and analyze. Sysdig is scriptable in Lua and includes a command line interface and a powerful interactive UI, csysdig, that runs in your terminal. Think of sysdig as strace + tcpdump + htop + iftop + lsof + awesome sauce. With state of the art container visibility on top.

What is Server Density?

SaaS-based scalable infrastructure monitoring to help businesses save time and money. With advanced server and website monitoring alerts, graphing tools and integrations with all major cloud service providers.
Why do developers choose Stackdriver?
Why do you like Stackdriver?

Why do developers choose Sysdig?
Why do you like Sysdig?

Why do developers choose Server Density?
Why do you like Server Density?

What are the cons of using Stackdriver?
No Cons submitted yet for Stackdriver
Downsides of Stackdriver?

What are the cons of using Sysdig?
No Cons submitted yet for Sysdig
Downsides of Sysdig?

What are the cons of using Server Density?
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Downsides of Server Density?

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How much does Stackdriver cost?
Stackdriver Pricing
How much does Sysdig cost?
How much does Server Density cost?
Server Density Pricing
What companies use Stackdriver?
68 companies on StackShare use Stackdriver
What companies use Sysdig?
7 companies on StackShare use Sysdig
What companies use Server Density?
17 companies on StackShare use Server Density
What tools integrate with Stackdriver?
10 tools on StackShare integrate with Stackdriver
What tools integrate with Sysdig?
2 tools on StackShare integrate with Sysdig
What tools integrate with Server Density?
48 tools on StackShare integrate with Server Density

What are some alternatives to Stackdriver, Sysdig, and Server Density?

  • Amazon CloudWatch - Monitor AWS resources and custom metrics generated by your applications and services
  • stts - Open source macOS app for monitoring the status of cloud services (AWS, Heroku, Twilio, etc)
  • DigitalOcean Monitoring - Seamless Infrastructure Monitoring
  • AWS Config - Config gives you a detailed inventory of your AWS resources and their current configuration, and continuously records configuration changes

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