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Senior Program Manager - .NET Team at Microsoft
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.NET Core is #free, #cross-platform, and #opensource. A developer platform for building all types of apps ( #web apps #mobile #games #machinelearning #AI and #Desktop ).

Developers have chosen .NET for:

Productive: Combined with the extensive class libraries, common APIs, multi-language support, and the powerful tooling provided by the Visual Studio family ( Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code ), .NET is the most productive platform for developers.

Any app: From mobile applications running on iOS, Android and Windows, to Enterprise server applications running on Windows Server and Linux, or high-scale microservices running in the cloud, .NET provides a solution for you.

Performance: .NET is fast. Really fast! The popular TechEmpower benchmark compares web application frameworks with tasks like JSON serialization, database access, and server side template rendering - .NET performs faster than any other popular framework.

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I have been working in .NET for more than 10 years. As an architect, I understand that enterprises want to lower costs. Full .NET framework, although excellent, has lot of costs around it - starting from Visual Studio for development (Enterprises cannot use Community edition) to Windows Server licensing for hosting. .NET Core makes development faster, cheaper and accessible to anyone. It is easier to convince bosses to go with .NET Core than with the full framework. With Visual Studio Code, development teams can install it in minutes compared to the full day they had to submit their laptop to IT team to get full Visual Studio installed. .NET Core is also highly performant and has been my choice for an IoT project that I have been executing with microservices running in a Docker container managed by Kubernetes! Unless I have a specific need, I preach the gospel of .NET Core.

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Chief Consultant at ITverket AS

We've always been a .NET/Microsoft shop, but have still been thrilled to see how Microsoft has moved forward with .Net Core. We've decided to run .Net Core on Kubernetes/Docker primarily to utilize the possibility to manage infrastructure through configuration.

Also - the performance has been absolutely stellar with .Net Core on Linux. Microsoft has obviously made great optimizations to the platform.

Still being able to use our "regular" tool stack of Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code has also been great.

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Visual Studio If you are a programmer and can afford some time for the installation , this is the great and best IDE, good for any programming language . More, for a simple team, it is free.

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I use Visual Studio because it's a great development tool. Community edition fulfils all my needs, and gives, maybe, too much for novice like me, but I like it.

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CTO at Promethean TV

PrometheanTV builds applications and services utilizing a variety of languages and technologies. The Visual Studio IDE is used by various technical staff to build software on a variety of languages supported by the IDE including C#, HTML/CSS/JS, etc. Visual Studio

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captain of a starship at electronic dreams

been a while since i've used visual studio. developed the tools for superman returns in it. liked the debugging but not much else. only played with the newest version a couple of times. Visual Studio

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Our default development environment - comes prepackaged with a huge suite of tools and plugins. Coupled with ReSharper it is pretty hard to beat. Visual Studio

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Dynamics Credentialed Professional

Best open source, good replacement for Visual Studio. I'm using it as my development environment in C# and Dynamics 365 Business Central (extension development). Visual Studio

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Used extensively for all front end development work - excellent native TypeScript support and tons of plugins. Visual Studio

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