Bosse Küllenberg
CTO | Crover SE
Recent Tech Decisions
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  • ProgrammableWeb

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    Inspiration and information about newly published apis

  • Confluence

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    Team organisation and code documentation.

  • jQuery

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    Some good plugins around there to use for visual effects.


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    Needed for our micro services architecture and best to scale the whole system into docker containers in teh cloud.

  • Swift

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    Our iOS App is completely built in Swift. Still early adaptor, but a great language!

  • Google Maps

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    We need to integrate maps in mobile Apps and Web frontend to show where an event is taking place. Maps is best because of it's international availability and the google api with a feature to recursive search.

  • Material Design for Angular

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    Used the concept idea of Material Design from Google for our basic UI. This one is a great implementation source for our Angular Framework.

  • Google Analytics

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    Powerful bit not so much loved …

  • Bitbucket

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    The better GIT Repo with Jenkins support!

  • Sass

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    You still write CSS without??

  • AngularJS

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    Perfect data bindings!

  • MongoDB

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    So much more flexible than SQL …

  • GitHub

    Youpooly Corp.

    Still the biggest one … good to host our shared code.