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Sailthru is the only company that provides fully automated, 1:1 email and onsite recommendations using a unique behavioral targeting platform. We help brands cut through the clutter and build trust with their customers by recognizing and acting upon their individual interests.

Sailthru's Features
  • Analyze behavior, interests, and preferences.
  • Generate unique data profiles.
  • Automatically personalize every communication, in real time.
  • Mass customized email, Fully personalized websites, Onsite recommendation slider widget,In-email behavioral ad targeting
  • Developer-friendly REST-based API
  • Content population at the time of send/view
  • Dynamic segments that update when users' behavior changes
  • List prioritization based on user engagement
  • Cohort and Behavioral Segmentation
  • Customer Lifetime Value Reporting
  • Predictive Customer Engagement Modeling
  • Complete funnel analysis from page view to purchase