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Checkmarx vs WhiteSource: What are the differences?

This is a comparison between Checkmarx and WhiteSource. Both tools are commonly used for security testing and code analysis in software development.

  1. Deployment: Checkmarx requires an on-premise deployment, while WhiteSource can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud. This difference allows for more flexibility in choosing the deployment option that best suits the organization's needs.

  2. Scalability: Checkmarx is known for its scalability, being able to accommodate large enterprise environments with thousands of applications. WhiteSource, on the other hand, is better suited for smaller to medium-sized organizations with fewer applications to manage.

  3. Supported languages: Checkmarx supports a wide range of programming languages, including but not limited to Java, C/C++, .NET, and JavaScript. WhiteSource, although it also supports various languages, does not have the same extensive language coverage as Checkmarx.

  4. Integration: Checkmarx provides integrations with popular development tools like IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) and CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) systems, allowing for seamless integration into the development workflow. WhiteSource, while also offering similar integrations, may have limitations in terms of the number of integrations available.

  5. Vulnerability detection: Checkmarx focuses on identifying security vulnerabilities in the source code, providing detailed and actionable vulnerability reports. WhiteSource, on the other hand, not only identifies security vulnerabilities but also tracks open-source components for known security vulnerabilities, providing a more holistic approach to vulnerability management.

  6. Pricing model: Checkmarx typically follows a licensing-based pricing model, where the cost is based on factors like the number of applications and users. WhiteSource takes a slightly different approach and follows a usage-based pricing model, where the cost is determined by the number of scans performed or the number of lines of code analyzed.

In summary, Checkmarx offers on-premise deployment, scalability for large enterprise environments, extensive language support, seamless integration, detailed vulnerability detection, and a licensing-based pricing model. WhiteSource, on the other hand, provides both on-premise and cloud deployment options, better suited for smaller to medium-sized organizations, supports various languages, has integration capabilities, offers holistic vulnerability management, and follows a usage-based pricing model.

Advice on Checkmarx and WhiteSource
Bryan Dady
SRE Manager at Subsplash · | 5 upvotes · 432.7K views

I'm beginning to research the right way to better integrate how we achieve SCA / shift-left / SecureDevOps / secure software supply chain. If you use or have evaluated WhiteSource, Snyk, Sonatype Nexus, SonarQube or similar, I would very much appreciate your perspective on strengths and weaknesses and how you selected your ultimate solution. I want to integrate with GitLab CI.

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Moises Figueroa
DevOps Engineer at Ingenium Code · | 2 upvotes · 29.3K views

I'd recommend Snyk since it provides an IDE extension for Developers, SAST, auto PR security fixes, container, IaC and includes open source scanning as well. I like their scoring method as well for better prioritization. I was able to remove most of the containers and cli tools I had in my pipelines since Snyk covers secrets, vulns, security and some code cleaning. SAST has false positives but the scoring helps. Also had to spend time putting some training docs but their engineers helped out with content.

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What is Checkmarx?

It is a provider of state-of-the-art application security solution: static code analysis software, seamlessly integrated into development process.

What is WhiteSource?

The leading solution for agile open source security and license compliance management, WhiteSource integrates with the DevOps pipeline to detect vulnerable open source libraries in real-time.

Need advice about which tool to choose?Ask the StackShare community!

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What are some alternatives to Checkmarx and WhiteSource?
SonarQube provides an overview of the overall health of your source code and even more importantly, it highlights issues found on new code. With a Quality Gate set on your project, you will simply fix the Leak and start mechanically improving.
It seamlessly integrates application security into the software lifecycle, effectively eliminating vulnerabilities during the lowest-cost point in the development/deployment chain, and blocking threats while in production.
Black Duck
It is a solution that helps development teams manage risks that come with the use of open source. It gives you complete visibility into open source management, combining sophisticated, multi-factor open source detection capabilities with the Black Duck KnowledgeBase.
Automatically find & fix vulnerabilities in your code, containers, Kubernetes, and Terraform
ShiftLeft CORE provides fast and accurate application security findings built directly into the development workflow.
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