Codecov vs. uberalls

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What is Codecov?

Our patrons rave about our elegant coverage reports, integrated pull request comments, interactive commit graphs, our Chrome plugin and security.

What is uberalls?

Code coverage metric storage service. Provide coverage metrics on differentials with Phabricator and Jenkins, just like Coveralls does for GitHub and TravisCI.


Why do developers choose Codecov?
  • Why do you like Codecov?

    Why do developers choose uberalls?
    Why do you like uberalls?


    What are the cons of using Codecov?
    Downsides of Codecov?

    What are the cons of using uberalls?
    No Cons submitted yet for uberalls
    Downsides of uberalls?


    How much does Codecov cost?
    How much does uberalls cost?


    What companies use Codecov?
    43 companies on StackShare use Codecov
    What companies use uberalls?
    1 companies on StackShare use uberalls


    What tools integrate with Codecov?
    8 tools on StackShare integrate with Codecov
    What tools integrate with uberalls?
    2 tools on StackShare integrate with uberalls

    What is an alternative to Codecov and uberalls?

    • Coveralls - Track your project's code coverage over time, changes to files, and badge your GitHub repo

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