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Google Analytics
Google Analytics



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What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

What is Metabase?

Metabase is an easy way to generate charts and dashboards, ask simple ad hoc queries without using SQL, and see detailed information about rows in your Database. You can set it up in under 5 minutes, and then give yourself and others a place to ask simple questions and understand the data your application is generating.

What is Mode?

Created by analysts, for analysts, Mode is a SQL-based analytics tool that connects directly to your database. Mode is designed to alleviate the bottlenecks in today's analytical workflow and drive collaboration around data projects.

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Why do developers choose Google Analytics?
Why do developers choose Metabase?
Why do developers choose Mode?
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What are the cons of using Metabase?
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What companies use Metabase?
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What are some alternatives to Google Analytics, Metabase, and Mode?
Mixpanel is an advanced analytics service that helps improve web and mobile applications by tracking how users interact & engage with them.
Piwik is a full featured PHP MySQL software program that you download and install on your own webserver. Piwik aims to be a Free software alternative to Google Analytics, and is already used on more than 1,000,000 websites. Privacy is built-in!
Google Tag Manager
Tag Manager gives you the ability to add and update your own tags for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more. There are nearly endless ways to track user behavior across your sites and apps, and the intuitive design lets you change tags whenever you want.
Amplitude provides scalable mobile analytics that helps companies leverage data to create explosive user growth. Anyone in the company can use Amplitude to pinpoint the most valuable behavioral patterns within hours.
Heap automatically captures every user action in your app and lets you measure it all. Clicks, taps, swipes, form submissions, page views, and more. Track events and segment users instantly. No pushing code. No waiting for data to trickle in.
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What tools integrate with Google Analytics?
What tools integrate with Metabase?
What tools integrate with Mode?
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Reviews of Google Analytics, Metabase, and Mode
Avatar of IanEdington
Business Analyst
Review ofGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

Google is an amazing free tool and is extremely customizable. I use it for A/B testing (using google content experiment), Lean Analytics (measuring goals based on events), and it's new asynchronous JS has made a lot of tracking easier.

However it takes a lot more configuration to set up cohort studies and user based analytics than other analytics platforms. It is possible to do however:

If you need something free this is definitely your best option.

How developers use Google Analytics, Metabase, and Mode
Avatar of Lawrence Cheuk
Lawrence Cheuk uses Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

I mainly use it to trace how many user using it before my site get monetized, at the age before smartphone and we only have web site, now I look at the profit rather than web page visited. As web page is not the single interface now. Android, iOS, Web. Wasting time to set up one by one. so I just simply look at revenue.

Avatar of shridhardalavi
shridhardalavi uses Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google Analytics not only lets you measure sales and conversions, but also gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back.

Avatar of Tim Lucas
Tim Lucas uses Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

Google Analytic is setup with user id tracking, allowing to view traffic for logged in users only, as well as custom events based on video watching and conversion goals for purchases. The Google’s autotrack plugin provides additional tracking of click events.

Avatar of datapile
datapile uses Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

We installed Google Analytics. Can we haz data science now? We ares teh bestest analytics gurus evar!

Nothing easier than one line of JavaScript to let Google know anything and everything about your website in exchange for some pretty dashboards and reports.

Avatar of osu! Ripple
osu! Ripple uses Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

We use Google Analytics to see in which countries we're having most success, and in which demographics. We offer users the possibility to opt out of Google Analytics by setting the Do Not Track feature in their browser, because we want to respect user privacy.

Avatar of Coolfront Technologies
Coolfront Technologies uses MetabaseMetabase

Used to run internal reports and analytics on Coolfront Mobile data.

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How much does Metabase cost?
How much does Mode cost?
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