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Danilo Nogueira

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When we began to modernize our company's main software, we need to choose an architecture that could be as stable as it was for the last 20 years and at the same time, allow us to use one of the best alternatives to build an highly interactive and complex front-end.

So, to embrace the innovation while keeping an solid foundation, we decided to work with our main web framework Rails, with the React front-end, an amazing feature of one of Rails more recent versions.

The Ruby (and Rails) are our main programming language + framework for about 6 years to modernize our almost 20 years old legacy system. We already have a lot of interesting tools working together, like MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL etc. All of them with fantastic libraries/support for Ruby.

Besides that, our front-end team is growing fast, and wants to apply what they've been learning (in theory and practice) everyday with React .

But we don't want it to become a new monster after some months, when we passed the mainly features of our app to this new project, so we think: How we could use this new features? Which are the architecture that most adapt to our needs?

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