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What is ES6?

Goals for ECMAScript 2015 include providing better support for large applications, library creation, and for use of ECMAScript as a compilation target for other languages. Some of its major enhancements include modules, class declarations, lexical block scoping, iterators and generators, promises for asynchronous programming, destructuring patterns, and proper tail calls.

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is a language for application-scale JavaScript development. It's a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.

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Why do developers choose ES6?
Why do developers choose TypeScript?
What are the cons of using ES6?
What are the cons of using TypeScript?
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What companies use ES6?
What companies use TypeScript?
What are some alternatives to ES6 and TypeScript?
Flow is an online collaboration platform that makes it easy for people to create, organize, discuss, and accomplish tasks with anyone, anytime, anywhere. By merging a sleek, intuitive interface with powerful functionality, we're out to revolutionize the way the world's productive teams get things done.
JavaScript is most known as the scripting language for Web pages, but used in many non-browser environments as well such as node.js or Apache CouchDB. It is a prototype-based, multi-paradigm scripting language that is dynamic,and supports object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming styles.
Dart is a cohesive, scalable platform for building apps that run on the web (where you can use Polymer) or on servers (such as with Google Cloud Platform). Use the Dart language, libraries, and tools to write anything from simple scripts to full-featured apps.
Babel will turn your ES6+ code into ES5 friendly code, so you can start using it right now without waiting for browser support.
Writing HTML apps is super easy with elm-lang/html. Not only does it render extremely fast, it also quietly guides you towards well-architected code.
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What tools integrate with ES6?
What tools integrate with TypeScript?
Decisions about ES6 and TypeScript
Jarvis Stubblefield
Jarvis Stubblefield
Flow (JS)

I use TypeScript because it isn't just about validating the types I'm expecting to receive though that is a huge part of it too. Flow (JS) seems to be a type system only. TypeScript also allows you to use the latest features of JavaScript while also providing the type checking. To be fair to Flow (JS), I have not used it, but likely wouldn't have due to the additional features I get from TypeScript.

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David Koblas
David Koblas
VP Engineering at Payment Rails · | 9 upvotes · 3.8K views
atPayment Rails
Flow (JS)

We originally (in 2017) started rewriting our platform from JavaScript to Flow (JS) but found the library support for Flow was lacking. After switching gears to TypeScript we've never looked back. At this point we're finding that frontend and backend libraries are supporting TypeScript out of the box and where the support is missing that the commuity is typically got a solution in hand.

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Osamah Aldoaiss
Osamah Aldoaiss
UI Engineer | Maker at Triad Apparel Inc. · | 2 upvotes · 1K views
atTriad Apparel Inc.

We use React because it is the best framework to work quickly, cleanly and with good results. The composition paradigms of React are far superior to most other frameworks and allow for creating a smart and logical component tree, that is high performant.

Also it can be used to create great UI in combination with ES6, TypeScript, GraphQL and Emotion, if used right. The ecosystem definitely gives solutions to nearly all problems. And I can only recommend using Gatsby, if you need Server-Side-Rendering!

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Interest over time
Reviews of ES6 and TypeScript
Avatar of lpellegr
Review ofTypeScriptTypeScript

Typed JavaScript is just fantastic for medium to large size projects. The type system is well thought and compatible with standard JavaScript. Almost any new Javascript-based development should use TypeScript to save time and prevent technical debt over time.

How developers use ES6 and TypeScript
Avatar of NewCraft
NewCraft uses TypeScriptTypeScript

Typescript has been a win because, in general, it makes codebase maintenance less brittle. It's significantly easier to refactor in TS than JS, which encourages incremental improvements, file re-organizing, etc. Our developers are happier with the overall development experience.

The downside is that TS sometimes exacerbates problems caused by Node's fragmented ecosystem. Sometimes @types/ don't work, other times types are outdated. This can lead to problems with newly-installed libraries.

If your project is big enough, I'd say TS is nearly always worth it, but it can make selecting libraries a pain.

Avatar of Kurzor, s.r.o.
Kurzor, s.r.o. uses ES6ES6

We started using CoffeeScript years ago, so the switch to ES6 is quite natural in our team. ES6 of course advances the JS standard to a level of an advanced language. We are using it today simply because it: 1. helps to keep the code shorter, 2. integrates easily with JSX, 3. helps to deal with immutable using const.

Avatar of Matt Welke
Matt Welke uses TypeScriptTypeScript

Used for Node.js personal projects that I think will have a longer lifetime than others, or that are combined with a web front end component like Angular (to share types).

Generally a poor developer experience. Usage decreasing recently compared to other preferred programming languages/platforms.

Avatar of Marc3842h
Marc3842h uses TypeScriptTypeScript

TypeScript is used in Kuro (

Kuro is the browser facing portion of shiro. Typescript is the language in which the web server and the frontend scripts are written in. They later get compiled down to vanilla JavaScript.

Avatar of Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor uses ES6ES6

ES6 is a new-ish, modern form of JavaScript that adds in extra functionality that make code cleaner and easier to work with, such as arrow functions, const and let declarations, array helper methods, object/array destructuring etc.

Avatar of John Harris
John Harris uses TypeScriptTypeScript

Excellent design-time type checking and the ability for the Typescript compiler to attach typing information to metadata at compile time allows for relatively simple type checking at run-time as well.

Avatar of Ryan VanBelkum
Ryan VanBelkum uses ES6ES6

ES6 (ES2015) is a huge improvement to the javascript spec. These additions are heavily leveraged in React development, such as spread operators, fat arrow functions, and classes.

Avatar of Blood Bot
Blood Bot uses TypeScriptTypeScript

We, our team can sleep comfortable at night know "x is undefined" will not occur in production. It's also really helpful as IDE help in code completion when they know types.

Avatar of Mick Dekkers
Mick Dekkers uses ES6ES6

ES6/ES2015+ makes JavaScript a pleasure to write. Arrow functions, template literals and ES modules especially. RIP CoffeeScript.

Avatar of Ataccama
Ataccama uses ES6ES6

ES6 brings some sweet features to the language. Our favourites are lambda-expressions, block-scoped consts and lets and Promises.

How much does ES6 cost?
How much does TypeScript cost?
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