Stack History: A Timeline of Slack's Tech Stack Evolution

As an organization and product, Slack has grown by leaps and bounds. Originally Slack was an internal chat tool for a now-defunct startup. Today it has become the Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge for millions of teams of all sizes around the world. Here, we analyze their journey from Startup to Unicorn to IPO.

This story-line ponders upon their tech decisions that changed over the years in the journey to IPO. Entrepreneurs, developers, strategists, growth hackers, and all startup enthusiasts can take a leaf out of Slack’s interesting book of tech stack decisions.

Slack was launched by Slack Technologies in August of 2013. Since then the tech decisions have revolved around keeping a quickly responsive and secure infrastructure. We have tracked their tech moves from 2014 to now.

How we did it

StackShare illuminates the ethos and thoughts behind these Stack Decisions with interesting information stretching from Slack's origin to the present. We dug deep to find the information that charts Slack's journey, covering every aspect of the technology they innovated and implemented along the way.

P.S. Check out Slack’s full tech stack here.

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