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Talk to mobile users inside your app. Used by m-commerce, SAAS and Subscription services, and mobile hardware companies to increase retention and in-app sales, and get fewer support tickets. Help users help themselves with in-app helpdesk, use live chat to answer questions immediately, and push notifications bring users back.

Hipmob's Features
  • Live for iPhone, iPad or Android- Plug and play in 15 minutes for your iPhone, iPad and Android app(s).
  • Know your users- See account info, device, OS, app version, location and past chat transcripts.
  • Re-engage users- Notify users of changes, fixes & updates while they are away
  • Your entire knowledgebase, fully searchable. Answers are instantly available
  • An in-app feedback form , where they can voice their frustration instead of giving you a negative appstore rating
  • Push notifications when their questions are answered, either by a human, or with a new article.

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