Docker vs. Xcode

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What is Docker?

Docker is an open-source project to easily create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application. The same container that a developer builds and tests on a laptop can run at scale, in production, on VMs, bare metal, OpenStack clusters, public clouds and more.

What is Xcode?

The Xcode IDE is at the center of the Apple development experience. Tightly integrated with the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks, Xcode is an incredibly productive environment for building amazing apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
Why do developers choose Docker?
Why do you like Docker?

Why do developers choose Xcode?
Why do you like Xcode?

What are the cons of using Docker?
Downsides of Docker?

What are the cons of using Xcode?
Downsides of Xcode?

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How much does Docker cost?
How much does Xcode cost?
What companies use Docker?
4240 companies on StackShare use Docker
What companies use Xcode?
1302 companies on StackShare use Xcode
What tools integrate with Docker?
181 tools on StackShare integrate with Docker
What tools integrate with Xcode?
8 tools on StackShare integrate with Xcode

What are some alternatives to Docker and Xcode?

  • LXD - Daemon based on liblxc offering a REST API to manage containers
  • LXC - Linux containers
  • Vagrant Cloud - Share, discover, and create Vagrant environments
  • rkt - App Container runtime

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