• All backend projects I worked on during the past 3 years use Node at their core (mostly in combination with Express).

  • 3+ years experience with Javascript. Heavily adopting ES6 (and ES7) syntax.

  • Favourite frontend framework. Used it in three web projects (+ one project in React Native).

  • Experience with overall Jenkins configuration, setting up agents and (multi-branch) continuous deployment pipelines through Jenkinsfiles.

  • My main Javascript IDE for the past 3 years.

  • Used Express as the foundation of every Node.JS based API I worked on.

  • Experience with Xcode in the context of iOS development. This includes Storyboards, Debugging tools and the Simulator.

  • Experience with Android Studio in the context of Android Development. Mostly using Genymotion as main emulator.

  • Using Yeoman to generate skeleton projects. No experience with writing custom generators.

  • Before Docker, I used Capistrano to deploy all web projects.

  • Using Datadog for monitoring of personal (docker-based) web sever.

  • Experience with Redux in a number of React (Native) projects. Most of these projects also involve Redux Saga.

  • Experience with the IoT Hub and the Azure Event bus. Also using Azure as storage provider for personal backup system.

  • Using Docker for all recent web projects, both in development (with Docker Compose) and in production.

  • Experience with Redis a caching layer. Used in several API projects.

  • My personal website is built entirely in Ruby on Rails. Apart from the actual website, there is also an CMS behind it supporting several third-party integrations (eg Embedly, Instagram API etc).

  • Mainly worked with Ruby in the context of Ruby on Rails development.

  • Server monitoring for a number of backend projects I have worked on.

  • Experience with nginx as a reverse proxy for a number of backend projects (with SSL support). My personal website runs nginx in a Docker container.

  • Used Gradle in the context of Android development.

  • Experience with RabbitMQ in the context of handling asynchronous api events + inter-server communication.

  • Developed for a number of weeks a React Native app for a high-visibility Belgian company.

  • Applied GraphQL in a side-project I'm currently working on. Using the Apollo GraphQL implementation for both server-side and React client.

  • Used Runscope for monitoring API uptime and data validation in context of the Harald beacon platform.

  • Switched from NPM to Yarn for all current active projects

  • Used Docker Compose during development for a number of more complex backend projects.