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AWS Fargate was a really pivotal decision for us, because it ensured the integrity of code running in production. That was a major requirement for the security and compliance audits (SOC II, etc).

Successfully completing those audits gave us access to new business partnerships, while on the engineering side Fargate reduced the work needed to maintain production apps.

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Even decided to use Keybase Teams because we needed a BYOK solution to securely sharing critical data, which could be expired, and was TOFU-safe.

  1. BYOK ensured that we could rotate keys, and be in control of those keys rather than delegating them to a service to hold the masters.
  2. Expiry was important, because we needed messages with certain risky information to disappear, to ensure against hacking (even despite our procedures).
  3. TOFU means 'trust on first use' and is reflected int he way that information is inaccessible to a use if they needed to do anything that interrupts the ability to trust their account — such a password reset.

These together allowed us to use this tool within our data security chain.

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