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Duo, Trello, Confluence, Asana, and Azure DevOps are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Duet.
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What is Duet and what are its top alternatives?

Duet is an intuitive project management app created specifically for freelancers and small businesses. Duet does not have a monthly fee. Instead, it is available for a one time fee of $49
Duet is a tool in the Project Management category of a tech stack.

Top Alternatives to Duet

  • Duo


    Duo is a next-generation package manager that blends the best ideas from Component, Browserify and Go to make organizing and writing front-end code quick and painless. ...

  • Trello


    Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process. ...

  • Confluence


    Capture the knowledge that's too often lost in email inboxes and shared network drives in Confluence instead – where it's easy to find, use, and update. ...

  • Asana


    Asana is the easiest way for teams to track their work. From tasks and projects to conversations and dashboards, Asana enables teams to move work from start to finish--and get results. Available at and on iOS & Android. ...

  • Azure DevOps

    Azure DevOps

    Azure DevOps provides unlimited private Git hosting, cloud build for continuous integration, agile planning, and release management for continuous delivery to the cloud and on-premises. Includes broad IDE support. ...


    A new tool that blends your everyday work apps into one. It's a unified and collaborative workspace for you and your team ...

  • Basecamp


    Basecamp is a project management and group collaboration tool. The tool includes features for schedules, tasks, files, and messages. ...

  • Redmine


    Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database. ...

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A next-generation package manager for the front end
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    Johnny Bell
    Software Engineer at Weedmaps · | 17 upvotes · 537.2K views

    So I am a huge fan of JIRA like #massive I used it for many many years, and really loved it, used it personally and at work. I would suggest every new workplace that I worked at to switch to JIRA instead of what I was using.

    When I started at #StackShare we were using a Trello #Kanban board and I was so shocked at how easy the workflow was to follow, create new tasks and get tasks QA'd and deployed. What was so great about this was it didn't come with all the complexity of JIRA. Like setting up a project, user rules etc. You are able to hit the ground running with Trello and get tasks started right away without being overwhelmed with the complexity of options in JIRA

    With a few TrelloPowerUps we were easily able to add GitHub integration and storyPoints to our cards and thats all we needed to get a really nice agile workflow going.

    I'm not saying that JIRA is not useful, I can see larger companies being able to use the JIRA features and have the time to go through all the complex setup to get a really good workflow going. But for smaller #Startups that want to hit the ground running Trello for me is the way to go.

    In saying that what I would love Trello to implement is to allow me to create custom fields. Right now we just have a Description field. So I am adding User Stories & How To Test in the Markdown of the Description if I could have these as custom fields then my #Agile workflow would be complete.


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    Francisco Quintero
    Tech Lead at Dev As Pros · | 13 upvotes · 657.7K views

    For Etom, a side project. We wanted to test an idea for a future and bigger project.

    What Etom does is searching places. Right now, it leverages the Google Maps API. For that, we found a React component that makes this integration easy because using Google Maps API is not possible via normal API requests.

    You kind of need a map to work as a proxy between the software and Google Maps API.

    We hate configuration(coming from Rails world) so also decided to use Create React App because setting up a React app, with all the toys, it's a hard job.

    Thanks to all the people behind Create React App it's easier to start any React application.

    We also chose a module called Reactstrap which is Bootstrap UI in React components.

    An important thing in this side project(and in the bigger project plan) is to measure visitor through out the app. For that we researched and found that Keen was a good choice(very good free tier limits) and also it is very simple to setup and real simple to send data to

    Slack and Trello are our defaults tools to comunicate ideas and discuss topics, so, no brainer using them as well for this project.

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    One place to share, find, and collaborate on information
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    David Ritsema
    Frontend Architect at Herman Miller · | 11 upvotes · 530.5K views

    We knew how we wanted to build our Design System, now it was time to choose the tools to get us there. The essence of Scrum is a small team of people. The team is highly flexible and adaptive. Perfect, so we'll work in 2 week sprints where each sprint can be a mix of new R&D stories, a presentation of decisions made, and showcasing key development milestones.

    We are also able to run content stories in parallel, focusing development efforts around key areas of the site that our authors need first. Our stories would exist in a Jira backlog, documentation would be hosted in Confluence , and GitHub would host our codebase. If developers identify technical improvements during the sprint, they can be added as GitHub issues and transferred to Jira if we decide to represent them as stories for the Backlog. For Sprint Retrospectives, @groupmap proved to be a great way to include our remote members of the dev team.

    This worked well for our team and allowed us to be flexible in what we wanted to build and how we wanted to build it. As we further defined our Backlog and estimated each story, we could accurately measure the team's capacity (velocity) and confidently estimate a launch date.

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    Priit Kaasik
    Engineering Lead at Katana MRP · | 9 upvotes · 377.9K views

    As a new company we could early adopt and bet on #RemoteTeam setup without cultural baggage derailing us. Our building blocks for developing remote working culture are:

    • Hiring people who are self sufficient, self-disciplined and excel at video and written communication to work remotely
    • Set up periodic ceremonies ( #DailyStandup, #Grooming, Release calls and chats etc) to keep the company rhythm / heartbeat going across remote cells
    • Regularly train your leaders to take into account remote working aspects of organizing f2f calls, events, meetups, parties etc. when communicating and organizing workflows
    • And last, but not least - select the right tools to support effective communication and collaboration:
    1. All feeds and conversations come together in Slack
    2. #Agile workflows in Jira
    3. InProductCommunication and #CustomerSupportChat in Intercom
    4. #Notes, #Documentation and #Requirements in Confluence
    5. #SourceCode and ContinuousDelivery in Bitbucket
    6. Persistent video streams between locations, demos, meetings run on
    7. #Logging and Alerts in Papertrail
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    Lucas Litton
    Director of Strategy at DigitalSignal · | 20 upvotes · 39.6K views

    Sentry has been essential to our development approach. Nobody likes errors or apps that crash. We use Sentry heavily during Node.js and React development. Our developers are able to see error reports, crashes, user's browsers, and more, all in one place. Sentry also seamlessly integrates with Asana, Slack, and GitHub.

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    Shared insights

    I'm comparing Aha!, Trello and Asana. We are looking for it as a Product Management Team. Jira handles all our development and storyboard etc. This is for Product Management for Roadmaps, Backlogs, future stories, etc. Cost is a factor, as well. Does anyone have a comparison chart of Pros and Cons? Thank you.

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    Farzad Jalali
    Senior Software Architect at BerryWorld · | 8 upvotes · 149K views

    Visual Studio Azure DevOps Azure Functions Azure Websites #Azure #AzureKeyVault #AzureAD #AzureApps

    #Azure Cloud Since Amazon is potentially our competitor then we need a different cloud vendor, also our programmers are microsoft oriented so the choose were obviously #Azure for us.

    Azure DevOps Because we need to be able to develop a neww pipeline into Azure environment ina few minutes.

    Azure Kubernetes Service We already in #Azure , also need to use K8s , so let's use AKS as it's a manged Kubernetes in the #Azure

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    Nicholas Rogoff

    Secure Membership Web API backed by SQL Server. This is the backing API to store additional profile and complex membership metadata outside of an Azure AD B2C provider. The front-end using the Azure AD B2C to allow 3rd party trusted identity providers to authenticate. This API provides a way to add and manage more complex permission structures than can easily be maintained in Azure AD.

    We have .Net developers and an Azure infrastructure environment using server-less functions, logic apps and SaaS where ever possible. For this service I opted to keep it as a classic WebAPI project and deployed to AppService.

    • Trusted Authentication Provider: @AzureActiveDirectoryB2C
    • Frameworks: .NET Core
    • Language: C# , Microsoft SQL Server , JavaScript
    • IDEs: Visual Studio Code , Visual Studio
    • Libraries: jQuery @EntityFramework, @AutoMapper, @FeatureToggle , @Swashbuckle
    • Database: @SqlAzure
    • Source Control: Git
    • Build and Release Pipelines: Azure DevOps
    • Test tools: Postman , Newman
    • Test framework: @nUnit, @moq
    • Infrastructure: @AzureAppService, @AzureAPIManagement
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    Google Analytics Elasticsearch Amazon Route 53


    GitHub Docker Webpack CircleCI Jenkins Travis CI Gradle Apache Maven

    Cooperation Tools

    Jira Trello

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    Kirill Shirinkin
    Cloud and DevOps Consultant at mkdev · | 12 upvotes · 625.8K views

    As a small startup we are very conscious about picking up the tools we use to run the project. After suffering with a mess of using at the same time Trello , Slack , Telegram and what not, we arrived at a small set of tools that cover all our current needs. For product management, file sharing, team communication etc we chose Basecamp and couldn't be more happy about it. For Customer Support and Sales Intercom works amazingly well. We are using MailChimp for email marketing since over 4 years and it still covers all our needs. Then on payment side combination of Stripe and Octobat helps us to process all the payments and generate compliant invoices. On techie side we use Rollbar and GitLab (for both code and CI). For corporate email we picked G Suite. That all costs us in total around 300$ a month, which is quite okay.

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    Blair Gemmer
    Chief Technology Officer at TOMIS · | 2 upvotes · 23.2K views
    Shared insights

    Jira is better than any other project management tool I've used, including Basecamp Asana and Trello . However, Trello has a much different purpose to me and is still amazing!

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    A flexible project management web application written using Ruby on Rails framework
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    We were using a hosted version of Redmine to track defects and user stories originally. We migrated to Jira.

    Jira was an easy decision for a number of reasons:

    • It's much more "Scrum ready" straight out of the box
    • It's so much easier to keep a track of progress (I love the reporting)
    • It natively encourages you to adhere to Scrum/Agile/Kanban practices
    • Atlassian has a fantastic DevOps ecosystem when considering the likes of Confluence and Bamboo etc
    • So many integrations!
    • Its UI is so intuitive which makes it an absolute pleasure to use!

    I know there are alot of other tools in this space but not even considering anything else at the moment. Love Jira!

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