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Olark is a lightweight tool to chat with visitors to your website using your existing instant messaging client. Visitors to your website appear as buddies on your Buddy list, their messages to you appear as IMs.

Olark's Features
  • CRM & Helpdesk Integration
  • Concurrent chats
  • Phone support
  • Operator groups
  • White label
  • SSL
  • Conversation transcripts
  • Hide Olark unless an operator initiates a chat
  • Popout
  • Customizable Olark branding
  • Pre-chat name/email survey
  • Hide when offline
  • Hide on close
  • Chat statistics and reports
  • Custom CSS
  • Standard Olark features
  • Use any desktop IM client
  • Mobile device support
  • Use Google Talk
  • Google Apps for Your Domain integration
  • Attention Grabber image
  • Welcome Assistant proactive chat
  • Operator-initiated chat
  • Visitor details
  • Offline messages
  • Incredibly fast email support
  • Customize/internationalize all text
  • Customize colors and themes
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Javascript API

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