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What is

Send segmented newsletters without bugging developers. Change transactional emails without re-deploying your app. Create lifecycle emails to activate more customers

What is Intercom?

Intercom is a customer communication platform with a suite of integrated products for every team—including sales, marketing, product, and support. Have targeted communication with customers on your website, inside apps, and by email.

What is Vero?

Vero is an event-driven email marketing platform for engineering, marketing, and product teams - it gives you the visibility and clarity to help you collaborate and move faster in designing and sending emails using real-time customer data.

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Why do developers choose Intercom?
Why do developers choose Vero?
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What are the cons of using Intercom?
What are the cons of using Vero?
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What companies use
What companies use Intercom?
What companies use Vero?
What are some alternatives to, Intercom, and Vero?
Mixpanel is an advanced analytics service that helps improve web and mobile applications by tracking how users interact & engage with them.
Android SDK
Android provides a rich application framework that allows you to build innovative apps and games for mobile devices in a Java language environment.
Autopilot’s intuitive drag and drop Journey canvas allows you to send the right message, on the right channel, at the right time. Automate your marketing, send personalized messages, build workflow and process in Salesforce, and more.
Instead of watching 98% of your visitors flee, imagine if you could easily capture their contact information from every page of your website, and delight them via email during the following weeks. Drip makes this dead simple, and the results have been stunning.
Threads is an extremely flexible and powerful way to engage customers by building workflows and sending triggered emails.
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What tools integrate with Intercom?
What tools integrate with Vero?
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Review ofIntercomIntercom

We love, from customer management to automatic emails. Great wat to stay in touch with your users.

How developers use, Intercom, and Vero
Avatar of Tim Lucas
Tim Lucas uses IntercomIntercom

Intercom powers both the email support, and support via the inline message window on the web. Custom events are sent from both the browser via click and Wistia video events, as well as from the Rails application, to give a complete view of user activity from within Intercom. Intercom let us segment the users based on trialling, purchased, and levels of engagement.

Avatar of Badge List
Badge List uses IntercomIntercom

I don't know what we would do without Intercom. It's the best tool I've ever found for knowing who your users are and establishing a bulletproof line of communication with them both outbound and inbound.

Avatar of Cyril Duchon-Doris
Cyril Duchon-Doris uses IntercomIntercom

Intercom popup for easy user interactions, displaying help messages. Static and event-based user context lets us send smart and targeted messages to users.

Avatar of Lyndon Wong
Lyndon Wong uses IntercomIntercom

Full-lifecycle communications via email and in-app messaging, for batch and automated campaigns.

Avatar of AmericanBibleSociety
AmericanBibleSociety uses

[Not currently used] We had hopes to employ this product as it has some very cool features.

Avatar of BrightMachine
BrightMachine uses IntercomIntercom

Used by our clients to track what their users are doing, and for proactive support.

How much does cost?
How much does Intercom cost?
How much does Vero cost?