SugarCRM vs. RelateIQ

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What is SugarCRM?

Manage your sales, marketing, and customer support better with SugarCRM's online CRM software.

What is RelateIQ?

RelateIQ automatically captures data on your most important sales prospects, making it easy to collaborate with your teammates to close deals faster. The platform works everywhere you work, whether it's on a mobile app in your pocket or in your email inbox through a browser extension

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Why do developers choose SugarCRM?
Why do you like SugarCRM?

Why do developers choose RelateIQ?
Why do you like RelateIQ?

What are the cons of using SugarCRM?
No Cons submitted yet for SugarCRM
Downsides of SugarCRM?

What are the cons of using RelateIQ?
No Cons submitted yet for RelateIQ
Downsides of RelateIQ?

How much does SugarCRM cost?
SugarCRM Pricing
How much does RelateIQ cost?
RelateIQ Pricing
What companies use SugarCRM?
10 companies on StackShare use SugarCRM
What companies use RelateIQ?
2 companies on StackShare use RelateIQ
What tools integrate with SugarCRM?
10 tools on StackShare integrate with SugarCRM
What tools integrate with RelateIQ?
2 tools on StackShare integrate with RelateIQ

What are some alternatives to SugarCRM and RelateIQ?

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud - The world’s #1 CRM sales app
  • Pipedrive - A simple and visual sales pipeline tool that teams love to use
  • Zoho CRM - Close More Deals in Less Time
  • Streak - CRM in your inbox

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