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What is Qualaroo?

Once you implement the Qualaroo code (it generally only takes a couple minutes), you can easily target a survey question or two as users are making decisions on your website. Your customers will see it slide up from the bottom right-hand corner of your site.

What is Survicate?

Survey specific groups of website visitors to understand their needs, expectations, objections. Find out who they are and why they behave as they do.

What is AskNicely?

Collect customer experience feedback on a daily basis and empower your team to take immediate action to drive retention, upgrades, reviews and referrals.

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Why do developers choose Qualaroo?
Why do you like Qualaroo?

Why do developers choose Survicate?
Why do you like Survicate?

Why do developers choose AskNicely?
Why do you like AskNicely?


What are the cons of using Qualaroo?
No Cons submitted yet for Qualaroo
Downsides of Qualaroo?

What are the cons of using Survicate?
No Cons submitted yet for Survicate
Downsides of Survicate?

What are the cons of using AskNicely?
No Cons submitted yet for AskNicely
Downsides of AskNicely?


How much does Qualaroo cost?
Qualaroo Pricing
How much does Survicate cost?
Survicate Pricing
How much does AskNicely cost?


What companies use Qualaroo?
129 companies on StackShare use Qualaroo
What companies use Survicate?
4 companies on StackShare use Survicate
What companies use AskNicely?
3 companies on StackShare use AskNicely


What tools integrate with Qualaroo?
10 tools on StackShare integrate with Qualaroo
What tools integrate with Survicate?
10 tools on StackShare integrate with Survicate
What tools integrate with AskNicely?
15 tools on StackShare integrate with AskNicely

What is an alternative to Qualaroo, Survicate, and AskNicely?

  • Delighted - NPS made easy. The fastest and easiest way to gather actionable feedback from your customers

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